Educational and entertaining chocolate-themed workshops and experiences at Edinburgh's Chocolatarium.

The world of cacao and chocolate is rich in learning experiences for pupils and students from primary age to university level. Chocolate is a captivating subject that encompasses topics as wide-ranging as agriculture and the cacao farms in the rainforests of the Americas, supply chains and the ethics of FairTrade, the complexities of manufacturing and marketing in the food and tourism industries.

Primary Schools

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Travel Education Groups

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Nat 5 Business Management

Class Trips to complement Business Management study areas. More...

University & College Students

Subject-related activities for students in food or hospitality fields. More...

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Primary Schools

Class Trips and In-School Workshops

The Chocolatarium offers fun and engaging educational chocolate workshops for primary school pupils. They support learning for pupils with FairTrade, farm to fork, history and many more topics. Workshops are mapped to the Curriculum for Excellence and there are free resources for the classroom.

The workshops are delivered by a member of our Education Team and take place either at The Chocolatarium in Edinburgh’s Old Town or In-School.

"The best trip we’ve ever been on. Both educational and fun!”

Aimee Allen, P4 Class Teacher, Hermitage Park Primary


FairTrade Chocolate Workshop

Designed to support First Level (Primary 2 – Primary 4) and Second Level (Primary 5 – Primary 7) pupils with their exploration of rights and responsibilities.

This workshop investigates the difference that FairTrade can make to the everyday lives of cacao farmers by looking at the food journey of cacao from the farm to the fingertips.

The children explore learn how much of what we pay for a bar of chocolate in the shops in Scotland ends up with cacao farmer and their families and what we can do to help make the cacao trade fairer.

The children will also:
- find out where cacao comes from
- discover how chocolate is made
- make their own chocolate to take away or home
- explore how much chocolate should be included in their diet!

Health and Wellbeing Curricular Links

First Level and Second Level:
As I explore the rights to which I and others are entitled, I am able to exercise these rights appropriately and accept the responsibilities that go with them. I show respect for the rights of others. HWB 1-09a / HWB 2-09a

Booking Information

Literacy and Design Chocolate Workshop

Designed to support First Level (Primary 2 – Primary 4) and Second Level (Primary 5 – Primary 7) pupils with their understanding of how design affects our choices and to improve understanding of packaging texts.

We explore different styles of chocolate bar packaging and look at the use of colour, art and gimmicks to help products stand out.

We look at the influence of branding, labels and claims such as FairTrade, 'ethical', 'low sugar' and 'no palm oil'. How much do they influence us? What is fact and what is opinion?

The children will also:
- find out where cacao comes from
- discover how chocolate is made
- make their own chocolate to take away or home
- explore how much chocolate should be included in their diet!

Literacy Curricular Links

First Level: To help me develop an informed view, I am learning to recognise the difference between fact and opinion. LIT 1-08a
Second Level: To help me develop an informed view, I can distinguish fact from opinion, and I am learning to recognise when my sources try to influence me and how useful these are. LIT 2-08a

For other activity ideas and curricular areas, download the full list of Chocolatarium Curriculum Mapping First and Second Level (for First and Second Level). We welcome suggestions from teachers and are happy to adapt the visit to the needs of the class.

You may also wish to explore the teaching resources at the bottom of this page for some activities that may suit your topic.

Workshop at The Chocolatarium (Class Trip)

Suitable for Primary 4 - Primary 7
90 minutes, up to 33 children + 3 adults £8 - £10 per pupil (minimum of 14 pupils)

In-School Workshop

Suitable for Primary 2 - Primary 7
Up to 2 hours, maximum 2 classes per morning/afternoon
£8 - £10 per pupil (minimum of 25 pupils). For schools located outside of The City of Edinburgh Council boundary, a small travel charge may be added.

National 5 Business Management

A visit to The Chocolatarium is an ideal trip for pupils taking the Nat 5 Business Management course.

The workshops are delivered by a Chocolatarium Guide and Operations Manager, Marketing Manager or Company Director.

"Exciting", "informative", "great fun, especially making the chocolate bar", "useful for our course", "best trip I've been on".
National 5 Business pupils, George Heriot's School

"We will definitely be back and highly recommend the trip to any schools/students studying the N5 Business course."
Claire Gill, Business Education Teacher, George Heriot's School


Business Management Chocolatarium Visit

This workshop aligns with the themes of the Business Management course and focuses most closely on the Management of Marketing and Management of Operations study areas.

Pupils find out about the supply chain of cacao and look at FairTrade and other ethical (as well as no-so-ethical) trading practices. They identify key differences between growing and manufacturing economies.

They are taken through the process of chocolate manufacturing from the bean to the finished bar and get the chance to make their own chocolate bar (to take away at the end of the visit).

The final part of the visit involves and ask and answer session with our Operations Manager, Marketing Manager or Company Director. (A preparation worksheet is sent to you in advance to use in-class ahead of the visit.

Business Curricular Links

When participating in an enterprise activity, I can explore ethical issues relating to business practice and gain an understanding of how businesses help to satisfy needs. SOC 3-20a

I can critically examine how some economic factors can influence individuals, businesses or communities. SOC 4-20a

Booking Information

Suitable for S3/S4 pupils
90 minutes, up to 32 children + 4 adults
£8 - £10 per pupil (minimum of 14 pupils)

Scouting Groups

An ideal combination of fun and learning, a visit to The Chocolatarium is perfect for Brownies, Guides, Cubs or any Scouting group.


Chocolate Making and Tasting Workshop

The children will see the fruit of the cacao tree, and learn all about cacao farms in the jungles of the Americas. They’ll discover fascinating chocolate facts as their Guide tests their chocolate knowledge with our chocolate-y quiz.

They’ll see and smell the chocolate-making process with a live demonstration of how chocolate is magically transformed from bitter little beans to the smooth and creamy treat we all love.

Next, they’ll have fun making their own chocolate to take home. There are even wizardy and unicorn-shaped designs to choose from.

As we wait for the chocolate to set, the Guide will take you on a tasting journey through the history of chocolate from the Aztecs to the latest yummy inventions and a mystery chocolate to try at the end.

Booking Information

Suitable for children aged 7 and up
90 minutes, up to 32 children + 4 supporting adults
£14 per child and participating leader with a minimum of 14 participants.

You may also wish to explore the teaching resources at the bottom of this page for some fun activities to do before or after the visit.

Travel Education Groups

For Young Learners on English Language Study Visits, International Schools looking holiday activities or secondary pupils on a class trip to Edinburgh.

Our hands-on, interactive chocolate experiences are suitable for both fluent/native English speakers and English learners alike. The tour is fully-guided by one of our knowledgeable and entertaining chocolate Guides and (providing your students like chocolate) this is a crowd-pleasing, indoor activity with a Scottish twist that students of all ages will love.

"I visited The Chocolatarium with 20 senior school pupils and it was a fantastic trip. Sandy and Serena were great tour guides, explaining the process and facts so well. All pupils were entertained and engaged the whole way through. Highly recommend for all."
Megan M, Trip Advisor


Tour of Chocolate

The students will find out all about the origins of cacao in the rainforests of South America and experience how the taste of chocolate varies from country to country.

They then see and smell the process of chocolate manufacturing from the bean to the finished bar with a highly visual live demonstration followed by the chance to make their very own Scottish-themed chocolates to take home with them. There are shapes of Edinburgh Castles, Greyfriar’s Bobby, Nessie and many more to choose from.

The final part of the visit involves a taste experience where they have over 40 flavours of chocolate to choose including Scots Pine, chilli and haggis flavours.

Additional Information for English Language Student Groups

The Chocolatarium’s Tour of Chocolate was designed by a former EFL teacher with non-native speaking English students and visitors in mind. There are many physical props and visual aids to help students understand the main ideas as well as several ready-to-go lessons with printable resources for before and after the visit.

The Tour is very “hands-on”, interactive and there are lots of simple questions for the audience, giving students the chance to use their English outside the classroom in a supportive setting.

Booking Information

Suitable for mixed ages from aged 7 and up
90 minutes
The maximum capacity is 32 children + 4 supporting adults (larger groups can be accommodated with staggered start times)
£17 per student with a minimum of £238 per group (14 pax)
2 free group leaders per 15 students

University & College Students

A visit to The Chocolatarium is suitable for a wide range of college and university students from Food Technology to Hospitality & Tourism.

Previous visits have included students studying food technology, agriculture, economics, supply chains, hospitality, tourism, marketing and baking. It is a great way to bring students together for a subject-related activity.

Get in touch at [email protected] and let us know which aspect of the cacao or tourism industries you would like to focus on.

"The visit to The Chocolatarium was part of our Food Security MSc induction activities this 2021. It is a fun and educational activity that stimulates the senses. Our students enjoyed very much learning about the cocoa supply chain and how to create and taste chocolate creations. We will be back next year with the new cohort for sure!"
Dr. Montserrat Costa-Font, Programme Director MSc Food Security, Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC)



Educational Group FAQs

We will ask for dietary information in advance. Children or young people with severe allergies must be accompanied by a suitably trained person who is authorised to use emergency medication (such as an Epipen) in the highly unlikely event that it is required.

Completely eliminating the risks from food allergies is impossible but we do what we can to reduce them and are very happy to answer questions or work with you to reduce risk further.

We take all dietary requirements seriously whether it be to do with allergies, intolerance, religious or ethical reasons or simply personal choice.

No nuts or peanuts products are used in any part of the tour. For vegans or those with dairy allergies/intolerance, alternatives are provided.

For detailed information for each type of diet or allergy, including vegan, halal, dairy-free, gluten, nuts & peanuts, soya and coeliac see the Dietary Requirements section on our main FAQ page.

For smaller groups of under 18 participants, yes. If you wish to reserve a time and date immediately, the £10 reservation deposit can be either deducted from the final invoice or refunded after the visit.

Once dates and numbers are confirmed, your invoice will be issued. Invoices to private organisations must be paid in advance.

Payments can be made by card or bank transfer.

It depends. For group leaders or Scout leaders who have paid to take part, of course yes.

For school groups, the priority is always to ensure that the children or students get the most out of their experience as possible and are fully supported. However, should the children only require limited support and if time allows, there may be the opportunity for teachers, adult helpers or group leaders to join in the chocolate-making!

For more FAQs about The Chocolatarium, see our main FAQ page.

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Teaching Resources

Here are some chocolate themed teaching resources you may want to use in the classroom before or after your visit to support your students' learning. If you have any feedback or questions about the teaching resources, please get in touch.

We hope to see you at The Chocolatarium.


Primary Schools

These resources are aimed at children aged 8 - 12.

Design your own Chocolate Bar

Get their entrepreneurial spirit going with the Design Your Own Chocolate Bar Lesson! Use the Ingredients Cards/List, Colour Words and Images and Chocolate Bar Wrapper Examples to spark their imagination and the Chocolate Bar Wrapper TEMPLATE to create their design.

For children coming on a class trip to The Chocolatarium, they make their bar and wrap it up in the packaging they’ve designed!

History of Chocolate Timeline

Use the key pieces of information to support and structure your pupils’ research into the history of chocolate using the History of Chocolate Timeline. This can be done either individually or divided into 3s for collaborative group work.

Packaging Literacy

Great for real-life literacy. Take a closer look at chocolate bar labelling. Use the Chocolate Wrapper Worksheet to take notes and help children better understand food labelling and make informed choices.

The Process of Chocolate Making

A great post-visit activity – label the Process of Chocolate- Making Diagram to check understanding of the process and consolidate learning.

Farm to Fork - The Cacao Trade

The Cacao Trade Journey Diagram from the cacao farmer to the chocolate eater! Fully-labelled or with some blanks to fill in.

Cocoa-growing Regions

English Language Schools

These resources are aimed at children and young people for whom English is not their first language.

Design your own Chocolate Bar EFL Lesson

Several hours of activities with language including talking about colour (vibrant, dull, bold), ingredients (ginger, mint, cinnamon) and making suggestions in the task-based design a chocolate bar activity.

Resources include Ingredients Matching Cards, and Colour Adjectives and Images Matching Cards, Making Suggestions Functions and the Chocolate Bar Wrapper Template. Great for either task-based Young Learners or adults who would like a stronger vocabulary and communication focus. Highly motivating to know that they can actually make the bar they’ve designed when they come to the Chocolatarium!

The History of Chocolate EFL Lesson

Practise the past simple with a delicious topic and the History of Chocolate Timeline Pair Practice.

IELTS Task 1 - Passives and Process

Help your students prepare for IELTS in a fun way by describing the process of chocolate-making using the Chocolate-Making Process Diagram. When they come to see the process in action, they will already be experts and can hear the language in context.