Since 2019, our team at the Chocolatarium has shared its passion for chocolate. We are delighted to welcome so many of you daily and share our knowledge with all of you. We are constantly improving our tours and products available in-store and in our tasting room. 

We constantly try new products and new local makers. We carefully curate chocolate bars to offer you the best experience with surprising and unusual flavours in all price ranges. We closely monitor the industry’s pulse, which has been beating faster.

Recent months have marked a significant surge in cocoa prices, reaching levels previously unseen. Industry insights indicate a shift from the historical range of £600-£2300 per MT to a staggering £5600 per MT as of February 2024. Various factors, including crop shortages, environmental regulations, and market speculation, drive these unprecedented figures.

In response, chocolate prices have been resilient but are inevitably following suit. This trend isn’t just a ripple across the ocean; it’s a wave reaching the shores of businesses and consumers alike. 

The breakdown of costs in creating our beloved chocolate treats paints a vivid picture. Making a simple praline or crafting a 100g chocolate bar involves various expenses, from ingredients to packaging. With the rise in cocoa prices, the delicate balance of crafting affordable luxury is undergoing a recalibration.

We find ourselves at a juncture where adjusting our pricing is necessary to continue delivering the tastes and quality you expect. Beginning next month, the price of adult tickets for our immersive chocolate tours will increase from £22 to £25. This change ensures we can maintain the standards and unique experiences you expect without compromising quality or ethics.

We’re dedicated to transparency and sustainability, and we appreciate your understanding and support as we navigate these chocolatey waters together. We want your experience at The Chocolatarium to continue to be fun, educative, rich, and flavourful.

We look forward to sharing our passion for chocolate, one chocolate bar at a time.
Thank you for your continued support.