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A 90-minute chocolate making, learning and tasting experience!

See our COVID-Secure Policy for how we keep staff and visitors safe.

Private Tours


Why not get together with family or friends and book a private tour?

Up to 2 households/bubbles and up to 12 people.

The Cacao Jungle
This visit was amazing. I learned a lot about the origin and manufacturing of chocolate. Thank you for this great experience.


Highlight for me, and any aspiring chocolatiers, would have to be getting to make your own chocolate bar. Great fun! I look forward to returning on my next visit to Edinburgh.


We spent a lovely afternoon taking the Chocolatarium tour. Very informative and fun. If you are looking for something different to do in Edinburgh this is for you!



An experience for the whole family! Children from the age of 6 are welcome on our tours. 


Imagine oat milk hot chocolate shots that taste better than the dairy version.

allergy advice

We do all we can to avoid using nuts and nut products during the tour so that allergy sufferers can enjoy the tour as much as possible. However, we cannot control the factory conditions where all the chocolates and topping ingredients are produced.

All packaging is retained so please ask a member of staff should you need further information. Dairy and lactose-free options are provided throughout the tour. Chocolates with nuts are sold in the shop only.

What to expect

90 minutes of chocolate heaven

A chocolate tour experience taking you from chocolate tree to chocolate bar with lots of chocolate tasting on the way! You’ll learn new things about chocolate, make your very own bar and taste chocolate you have never tasted before.

Adults £19.50
Children (aged 6+) £12.00

See our full COVID-Secure Guide for our latest physical distancing information. 

Tour of Chocolate Edinburgh

Did you know

That you can make a delicious cup of tea from cacao shells? We’ve got some for you to try.

the cacao jungle

See and touch the fruit of the chocolate tree, and learn all about cacao farmers and how they grow this fruit of the gods!

Did you know

Cacao contains more calcium than cow's milk? And it's also densely packed with iron, magnesium and antioxidants.

chocolate factory kitchen

Experience how chocolate is transformed from bitter beans to the smooth and silky treat we all love. With tasters along the way. 

Did you know

The first chocolate bar was made here in the UK in 1847, by a one Joseph Fry.

Make your own

Have fun making your own Scottish-themed chocolate to take home! You can even make a chocolate Greyfriar’s Bobby, a chocolate Nessie or a chocolate Edinburgh Castle!

Make your own chocolate bar

Did you know

When you eat cacao or chocolate, it can help with depression, stress, blood pressure as well as heart health.

discover chocolate history

Discover over 5000 years of chocolate history and experience chocolate as the Aztecs did. 

Did you know

It takes as many as 1000 cocoa beans to make one kilo of chocolate. Chocolate comes from a fruit tree and it’s made from the seeds.

chocolate Tasting room

Come to the Tasting Room with our wonderful selection of chocolates from both Scottish and international chocolate makers. There are over 30 varieties to choose from including dark chocolate, milk chocolate, haggis chocolate, Japanese chocolate, chilli chocolate, gin & tonic chocolate and many, many more.

chocolate tasting room


Keeping staff and visitors safe

We take the safety of our staff and visitors extremely seriously. Everyone is different but as a general rule of thumb, if you feel comfortable going to a restaurant or café, it is likely you'll feel comfortable on a Chocolatarium Chocolate Tour. 

We review and update this guidance regularly and adapt to the changing circumstances, in line with government advice. 

Do I need to wear a face covering? 

As in a restaurant or café, when you are sitting down and sampling chocolate, you do not need a wear a face-covering. When you move around (e.g. to go through to the next room or to use the bathroom) you need to wear a face-covering. 

When browsing in the gift shop at the end you need to wear a face-covering.

face coverings
COVID secure distancing

Numbers and Physical Distancing


Two-metre social distancing or large screens between each table/group. 

Maximum 3 households per booking and 12 visitors in the attraction space.

Your guide will usually be physically distanced, however, at times they will need to come closer to you, such as when passing you chocolate samples to taste or handing out hot chocolate.

How fun is a COVID-secure Chocolatarium visit?

Very fun. It’s better than ever.

Visitors will enjoy the full Chocolatarium experience as there is no part of the tour we need to miss out. 


Your Visit


  • Book online. Up to 3 households and 6 people per booking.
  • If you or anyone on your booking has COVID-19 symptoms, you MUST cancel your tour. You can choose either a refund or to rebook another date. Please cancel as early as possible. COVID-19 symptoms are a persistent cough, high temperature or loss of smell or taste (a chocolate-lovers' nightmare).
  • We also suggest going to the bathroom before you come (but you can use ours if you need to and sanitising wipes are provided in the bathroom).
  • Keep at lease a 2-metre distance from any other household. Your guide will keep you right and show you where to go!
  • Please arrive on time (not more than 10 minutes early as we need the cleaning time) and ring the bell to let us know you have arrived.
Hygiene measures


As a food-based attraction, strict hygiene measures have always been a part of our routine and we have revised and extended this with COVID-19.

Some important parts of our hygiene procedures are:

  • Washing hands on arrival and during the tour.
  • Providing touch-free hand sanitiser at the entrance and throughout the tour.
  • Wearing food preparation gloves (we use latex-free).
  • Sanitising all touch points between each tour (such as door handles, counters, tongs, etc.).
  • Using (recyclable) single-use tasting boards and cups.
additional covid secure

Additional Measures 

  • There are 2-metre markings on the floor to help you judge distances.
  • There is a protective screen at the check-in desk.
  • We only accept card payments, no cash.
  • We collect contact details of all visitors so they can be easily contacted if necessary

If you have any questions, suggestions or requests for how to improve our procedures and approach, please get in touch on 0131 556 7005 or email [email protected]

We are looking forward to welcoming visitors again and having lots of fun with chocolate while keeping everyone safe.

Good to go Scotland